Every word and behavior matters and must be purposeful because every action creates a ripple effect in our organizations.  The further away one of your employees or customers is to the initial intent, the less obvious the original intent may be.  This is why clarity of purpose and crafting the right message is critical, while living and breathing it everyday.


Collaboration in your organization is good. It’s especially good when the view is a bit foggy. Collaboration also increases employee buy-in or more often referred to as employee engagement.

Most organizations are not achieving their greatest potential for success because their workplaces are out of alignment. AlignUp® training brings about an aligned workplace starting with alignment between those who report directly to the key decision-maker and the key decision-maker. When you have an aligned workplace the results are great synergy, increased productivity and increased revenues. Only when all members of your top management team work together can you push down alignment through your organization.

An aligned workplace has outstanding communication, greater collaboration and passionate commitment. Your aligned workplace will be more productive, cohesive and supportive of each other. In addition, this will result in less stress at work for you.

ATC’s AlignUp® training program empowers all employees from top to bottom to be better aligned with your organization’s goals and vision. They will be more aligned with those with whom they work and the result of greater alignment throughout your organization is a more productive overall organizational culture.

The AlignUp® training program takes an organization through the 12 Factors of Alignment and is delivered in a 12-month leadership development program designed for executive-level managers who report directly to a Key Decision Maker. The program works directly with teams and their leaders and includes a combination of online learning, seven monthly workshops, monthly assignments and executive coaching. Managers will leave each session with a defined Action Plan to implement that month’s topic. Unlike other team training programs, AlignUp training is about forming habits and getting all members of the team to understand and respect all roles on the team, and to work together with energy and synergy.

Our AlignUp management development training program is for those managers who report directly to the Key Decision Maker in their organizations. When you have aligned your organization, the leadership from every function is working in unison and complimentary of each other’s department. Only this way will all departments and leaders be working in the same direction and for the greater purpose of the organization versus only fulfilling a functional or personal need.

When you have an aligned workplace, your employees will be more driven, passionate and happy. This will result in less employee turnover. This reduces the time and cost spent to recruit, hire and train new personnel.

Client Testimonials

 “I have personally benefited from David’s polished and professional consulting style, platform skills and ability to captivate an audience. He has demonstrated achievement to support employee-oriented, highly diverse performance cultures that emphasize empowerment, quality, productivity, standards, goal attainment and the recruitment and ongoing development of a collaborative workforce.”

Manuel S. Gonzalez
Vice President (Retired) Human Resources & Operations

“David’s partnership was instrumental in crafting and executing a multi-year strategy to recognize and improve staff performance and leadership capabilities across a widely disbursed corps of highly skilled employees. His ready counsel and ability to get to the core of performance and change management issues was a key driver in the success of our overall department-wide efforts.”

Senior Insurance Company Executive

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