Your legacy begins as a blank canvas. How will your legacy look when you leave your business to a new leader or family member?  It takes preparation, proactive succession planning and sound leadership to position this transition to be successful


How will you be remembered by your organization’s employees and what type of business leadership legacy will you leave behind? What impact are you making on others to give back?

The International Coach Federation performed a global coaching study in which it was reported that the median company return from coaching was 700% of the initial investment. Companies that hire executive coaches for their executives and other top managers are making an investment that brings about a significant return on investment.

Executive Coaching unlocks the potential and increases the productivity of executives and other managers at every level who you want to develop. Organizations with executives and other managers who receive Executive Coaching see a great return on investment. ATC’s executive coaching brings increased productivity and greater levels of company success with increases in revenue, cash flow and a reduction in costs. It also helps those being coached to improve their individual work performances in alignment with achieving the employer’s company vision and goals.

The characteristics of Executive Coaching follows defined steps, milestones and timeframes. It is customized to adapt to the needs of both the organization and the person being coached.

The job of a coach differs from:

  • Consultants as they give the answers;
  • Mentors as they share their experiences, having been there and done that;
  • Therapists, as they provide therapy for the attempted remediation of a mental health problem

Executive Coaching involves one-to-one, interactive dynamics between an ATC Executive Coach and executives and other managers who have the potential to make a high level of impact on their organizations. Our Executive Coaching unlocks the potential of those being coached and increases their productivity. It greatly speeds up the level of productivity for executives, top level managers, high potential managers being groomed to grow, and family member managers at every level. If used in conjunction with an ATC training program, the coaching both reinforces what is learned in the training program and helps to apply it.

Executive Coaching can be provided virtually or in-person.

Client Testimonials

 “I have personally benefited from David’s polished and professional consulting style, platform skills and ability to captivate an audience. He has demonstrated achievement to support employee-oriented, highly diverse performance cultures that emphasize empowerment, quality, productivity, standards, goal attainment and the recruitment and ongoing development of a collaborative workforce.”

Manuel S. Gonzalez
Vice President (Retired) Human Resources & Operations

“David’s partnership was instrumental in crafting and executing a multi-year strategy to recognize and improve staff performance and leadership capabilities across a widely disbursed corps of highly skilled employees. His ready counsel and ability to get to the core of performance and change management issues was a key driver in the success of our overall department-wide efforts.”

Senior Insurance Company Executive

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