Leaders, like athletes, will ever be as good if they do not train hard, work to be agile and learn the rules and strategies of the game.  Those who train are more adaptable and successful when the real game at real speed is in front of them.


Are you placing your staff in an area of strength? Might it be time to re-evaluate the right fit for their strengths, skill set and the role in your business?

Managing a sales force isn’t like managing any other department. Lack of sales management effectiveness is a huge issue in most organizations. Without effective sales management, sales goals are too often missed and gross profit is less than it should be. Having an effective manager can be the most significant factor in a seller’s success.

Each Results Driven Sales Management training session focuses on one of 10 essentials for increasing sales from your salespeople. The training is not sales training. It is training that provides the tools, framework, knowledge and skills to recruit, hire and manage your salespeople so they get significantly greater results for your organization. The program provides 10 months of blended learning with online training for a different topic each month, followed by a face-to-face training session, which may be virtual or in person.

10 Months – 10 Essential Tools

Through the Results Driven Sales Management program, Functional Sales Managers will:

  • Understand the factors that impact sales performance
  • Understand the areas where they have the greatest influence
  • Build meaningful and achievable sales goals and action plans to maximize performance
  • Hold sales staff accountable to their actions and goals
  • Manage the sales pipeline of the sales teams
  • Help sales staff speed up sales and get the most out of each opportunity
  • Coach for top performance, motivation, and execution
  • Be effective communicators and decision makers

Client Testimonials

 “I have personally benefited from David’s polished and professional consulting style, platform skills and ability to captivate an audience. He has demonstrated achievement to support employee-oriented, highly diverse performance cultures that emphasize empowerment, quality, productivity, standards, goal attainment and the recruitment and ongoing development of a collaborative workforce.”

Manuel S. Gonzalez
Vice President (Retired) Human Resources & Operations

“David’s partnership was instrumental in crafting and executing a multi-year strategy to recognize and improve staff performance and leadership capabilities across a widely disbursed corps of highly skilled employees. His ready counsel and ability to get to the core of performance and change management issues was a key driver in the success of our overall department-wide efforts.”

Senior Insurance Company Executive

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