Running a business can keep us so busy that we do not take the time to reflect on the Intellectual Integirty of the organization. Am I approaching it the right way? Is it all about me and my preferences or is my leadership targeting what’s needed for the place…the business or organization?

Intellectual Integrity has several meanings.  The way the late management theorist Peter Drucker defined it was this.  It is the ability to see the world and your organization as it actually is and not as you want it to be!  Only this way can we truly know what is the foremost need of the organization and therefore what is my most important strategy and tactic.  My preferred leadership style does not matter; what matters is “What does the organization need right now?


Managers learn how to apply two High Impact Manager habits each month for 12 consecutive months through blended learning.

Take your management and leadership skills to the next level. As a High Impact Manager you will have a willing and focused team who support your goals and strives to reach new heights in performance and productivity.

There are 24 habits of High Impact Managers that collectively bring about outstanding results. This training provides leadership and other management courses, such as time management, recruiting and holding one-to-one meetings, which teach managers how to understand, adopt and apply the habits that result in their greater impact on their organizations. This training program provides the tools and processes needed by managers in organizations of all sizes and in every business field to address 75-90% of the challenges that stand in the way of their delivering great results.

The 24 Habits can be used by managers in organizations of all sizes in every field. It addresses 75% to 90% of all challenges that stand in the way of their delivering great results.

Managers will leave each session with a defined Action Plan to implement that month’s topic. The courses are organized, by month, into four packages: Acquiring and Developing Talent, Influencing Others, Self-Development, and Team Performance.

High Impact Manager online training is followed by monthly, four-hour, face-to-face training sessions with an ATC certified trainer/coach. These sessions are provided virtually or in person. Trainees leave each training session with action plans to implement the habits.

It’s proven that blended learning is much more impactful than sitting in a conference room trying to be a sponge and then having to remember what you supposedly learned, and more importantly, try to apply it with no one to coach you on how it can work for you. While the full spectrum of modules is recommended, I will work with your managers to choose the more critical topics for your organization based upon your needs at this point.

As a result of High Impact Manager training, your executives and other managers will be more effective in managing their employees and managing themselves.

Client Testimonials

 “I have personally benefited from David’s polished and professional consulting style, platform skills and ability to captivate an audience. He has demonstrated achievement to support employee-oriented, highly diverse performance cultures that emphasize empowerment, quality, productivity, standards, goal attainment and the recruitment and ongoing development of a collaborative workforce.”

Manuel S. Gonzalez
Vice President (Retired) Human Resources & Operations

“David’s partnership was instrumental in crafting and executing a multi-year strategy to recognize and improve staff performance and leadership capabilities across a widely disbursed corps of highly skilled employees. His ready counsel and ability to get to the core of performance and change management issues was a key driver in the success of our overall department-wide efforts.”

Senior Insurance Company Executive

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